Results from competitions at the Equestrian Centre

Aardvark Safaris Summer Showjumping Series 1 of 3

Class 1 55cm Pony
Fiona HutchesonSaucy0 27.57sec1st
Isla TennantCharlie Brown0 31.812nd
Class1 55cm Horse
Vicky DuffDotty0 26.751st
Maura FairRuby II0 37.122nd
Lorna YoungRoxy8 42.503rd
Lynsey SmithCannon12 36.134th
Alison HamiltonBadger285th
Class 2 65cm Pony
Isla TennantCharlie Brown0 30.131st
Casper DenneHazy0 30.612nd
Rachel ShiellKirtle Firecrest4 40.603rd
Class 2 65cm Horse
Vicky DuffDotty0 25.831st
Jennifer WarwickScapa Bay0 29.942nd
Katie-jo NixonLuv U Always0 32.853rd4yo ROR
Laura SandersonGoodnight Percy0 30.874th5yo ROR
Lorna YoungRoxy0 39.445th
Amy RalstonAofie0 39.826th5yo
Class 3 75cm Pony
Katy Mc FaydenEagle Gold0 21.071st
Becky FosterKatie0 24.322nd
Casper DenneHazy0 24.483rd
Madeline CollinsBeau0 29.764th
Rachel SheillDunbrae Robbie4 29.525th
Rachel ShiellKirtle Firecrest8 34.986th
Class 3 75cm Horse
Clive StoreyStar0 24.661st
Nicky WildeSoprano0 25.072nd
Paul RobsonCharlie0 26.093rd
Lorna YoungRoxy0 27.074th
Jennifer WarwickScapa Bay0 28.325th
Cindy FisherArnie0 32.696thROR
Class 4 85cm Pony
Casper DenneHazy0 25.181st
Holly KirkChocolate Buttons0 26.952nd
Madeline CollinsBeau0 29.283rd
Becky FosterKatie4 26.194th
Rachel SheillDunbrae Robbie4 29.315th
Katy McFaydenEagle Gold8 30.046th
Class 4 85cm Horse
Nicky WildeSoprano0 23.911st
Sarah JohnstonePerfectly Done0 24.922nd
Jo FoxDragon0 26.573rd
Amy BrownGeorge0 28.704th
Geordie DenneAlfie0 29.735th
Amy BrownCroft Allure4 33.936thROR
Class 5 95cm Pony
Holly KirkChocolate Buttons4 30.231st
Class 5 95cm Horse
Paul RobsonCharlie 0 24.421st
Daragh RamageAniels0 24.582nd
Cath CottonNumber Tewlve0 24.673rd
Katie-jo NIxonChilli0 30.544th
Sarah JohnstonePerfectly Done4 32.175th
Amy BrownGeorge4 35.336th
Class 6 1.05m
Cath CottonNumber Tewlve41st
Daragh RamageAniels82nd
Katie-jo NIxonChilli123rd