Results from competitions at the Equestrian Centre

BS Seniors 17th June 2018

Results from BS Seniors 17th June 2018

BS Cat 1 20/06/2018      
Class 2 Sr Open
Horse RiderResultsPrize PlaceDC
SopranoNicola Mc Robbie0/32.98 E20
AlfunzoGeordie Denne10/48.87 0/45.32tkt
HugoJodie Wearmouth0/33.76 0/48.87tkt
SidSabine Aitken0.32.48 0/46.84tkt
Class 3a KBIS Insurance Sr British Novice- First round & 3b Sr 90cm open
Horse RiderResultsPrize PlaceDCsection
SopranoNicola Mc Robbie0/29.76 0/47.611yBnov
AlfunzoGeordie Denne0.31.19 0/46.13tktBnov
Class 4 D&H 95cm National Amateur Championship Qualifier- First Round
Horse RiderResultsPrize PlaceDC
Riversides go with the flow
Shannon Jardine
0/31.63 0/39.69251y
Molly XIIIPersia Bhatia0/28.76 0/41.78242y
AnielDaragh Ramage0/33.59 0/43.693y
Swarovski BlueAbbi Diamond0/30.03 4/42.684
Major MoonstonePersia Bhatia0/30.42 4/50.976
QuadroCharlotte Mills0/37.89 4/45.065
Class 5a Nupafeed Sr Discovery- first round & 5b Sr 1m open
Horse RiderResultsPrize PlaceDCsection
Riversides Go with the FlowShannon Jardine0/33.50 0/34.33301YD
Swarovski BlueAbbi Diamond0/32.82 0/37.362Y1M
Major MoonstonePersia Bhatia0/33.69 0/40.034YD
Carlos De ReveMolly Waugh0/34.19 0/38.663YD
Multicolour MischiefIvar Mc Leish0/38.27 0/45.495YD
Class 6a D&H 1.05m National Amateur Championship Qualifier- First Round & 6b Sr 1.05m open
Horse RiderResultsPrize PlaceDC
AnielDaragh Ramage0/42.04 0/34.361y
Cantho ZRobbie Ashe0/39.61 0/35.472y
Molly XIIIPersia Bhatia0/34.75 4/33.533
King RalphClaudia Claydon0/41.00 4/38.106
Fifi L'AtinaCharlotte Mills0/43.32 4/39.117
Swarovski BlueAbbi Diamond11/47.25 0/34.748
Ettrick DivaChristine Gray4/37.76 0.34.354
Cardento SymphonyCharlotte Mills0/39.74 4/35.755
The SmugglerRobbie Asheelim tkt
The SmugglerRobbie Ashe8/39.09 tkt
Petite PoisMartha Green0/41.61 13/51.27 tkt
Class 7a Newcomers first Round
Horse RiderResultsPrize PlaceDCsection
Carlos De ReveMolly Waugh0/31.93 0/38.391yNC1
Petite PoisMartha GreenELIM TKT