Results from competitions at the Equestrian Centre


Little Maverick

50% American Quarter Horse and Welsh Cob 15.2 hands (still growing), 6-7 years old, Buckskin colour

Maverick has done jumped at ISEC and  achieved placings of 3rd and 4th . Maverick has attended 2 clear round’s at ISEC and was said to have promise if he was fit, he is now fit. Maverick hacks out both on his own or in company, but prefers company, he behaves very well with others and is easy to handle in that situation (done Torwoodlea last year)

Maverick has good stable manners, and great with farrier and vet. Maverick is easy to catch, and comes to call. He currently  lives out all year round without any trouble. Maverick is a quick learner and as he is very intelligent, you only have to show him once what you want him to do and he can repeat it no problem, ie gate opening & moving between obstacles etc.

He is a nice horse to be around and is very friendly even to strangers, he does not however cope with violence at all and in fact does not need it. Maverick is generally ok in traffic of any kind, but is scared of quad bikes due a fright when he was younger.

I believe Maverick future would be in the jumping arena. I feel this horse has plenty of potential and sadly I am getting to old to look after him,, however I do still hack him out most days, but this horse has more to give….

Contact: Frank Little 07515 329812