Results from competitions at the Equestrian Centre

Results from Junior BS Sunday 4th Feb 2018

Class 2 New Recruits
Joint 1st – Peter Ashe on Wood Park Pippa and Saint John Welsh Melody, Erin Forrest on CQ and Sam Herdman riding Glenford Little Jack.


Class 3 70cm Club
1st – Sam Herdman riding Glenford Little Jack
2nd – Rhiannon Stormonth riding Greenbarrow Desert Rose
3rd – Lexie Marshall riding Landswood Diamond Edition


Class 4 British Novice / 80cm Open
1st EQUAL – Emma Scott-Watson riding Swanieston Simply Red & Daisy Scott-Watson riding Who’s Zig Zag
3rd – Rhiannon Stormonth riding Tynebank Royal Jubilee
4th – Rory McFadyen and Glynebourne Degas


Class 5 – Stepping Stones 128 & 138
1st – Jayden Hendry & Bylands Music Man
2nd – Jayden Hendry riding Tatty Desire
3rd – Rory McFadyen riding Glynebourne Degas
4th – Peter Ashe & Ballygawleys Little Nivek


Class 6 – Discovery / 90cm Open
1st – Amy Ralston & Curravordy Builders Blue
2nd – Tabitha Scott & Jumping Toby
3rd – Gabrielle Purves and Kengarth Sally Anne
4th – Charlie Rogan riding AG Domingo
5th – Emma Scott-Watson and Swanieston Simply Red


Class 7 128/138 Handicap
1st – Charlie Rogan riding AG Domino
2nd – Amy Morris and Whos Carnhill Diamond
3rd – Jayden Hendry and Tatty Desire


Class 8 – Newcomers / 1m Open
1st – Megan Morris & Disney Way
2nd – Amy Ralston & Curravordy Builders Blue
3rd – Tabitha Scott & Jumping Toby
4th – Charlie Rogan & AG Domingo
5th – Katy McFadyen & Hawkmoon Lady Luck


Class 9 Foxhunter / 1.10 Open
1st – Hannah Farm riding Paddioco
2nd – Emma Wood and Kinx Unique Amethyst
3rd – Amy Morris and Whos Carnhill Diamond.