Ian Stark and Racing - Riding,Training & Stewarding


Ian Stark has been involved in racing as a jockey, trainer, owner and steward.


Ian rode a handful of point-to-point winners, most notably Randolph Place, who was owned by David and Alix Stevenson of the Edinburgh Woollen Mill.


As a trainer Ian had more success, training several horses to win both in point-to-points and under rules. His most successful horse was Birkwood, who won numerous point-to-points and the Buccleuch Cup Hunter Chase at Kelso in 2006 when ridden by Ronan Brown, who also owned the horse in partnership with his mother Hermione Macfarlane.


Ian is now a steward at several racecourses, specifically Musselburgh, Kelso, Hamilton, Aintree, Perth and Carlisle. He does around 40 days stewarding a year and as of 1st January 2014 will be joining the Stewarding Committee, meaning he will oversee the stewards working in Scotland and at some of the North of England tracks. At the same time Ian will also be joining the BHA Disciplinary Committee.