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Post Marathon Report

Well, it’s over……..thank the Lord !!!
But mainly, thank you to everyone for all your incredibly generous support in raising so much money for the Children’s Charity, SPARKS. I know how thrilled and grateful they are to each and everyone of you. Such an amazing effort, well done and thank you so, so much for, not only, your financial help but also for the boost and inspiration it gave me to tackle the run.
It was not a good start to the day when I followed the crowds through the London Underground…………alas, only to discover that they were heading to the Blue start, I needed the green start………I arrived at Blackheath rather than Greenwich. The train was on a go slow……….how ‘odd’ that I was getting rather late………had to run like mad across the common to get to the correct start in time to get my kit bag onto the appropriate truck to be taken to the finishing line. So before the race had even started……I was knackered!!
I was lucky enough, I think, to be included in the pre race Celebrity area ……..mixed blessing……..lots of celebs around but everyone looked so fit and professional. I was already feeling out of my depth.
Standing in the start line I met a girl who was running her 19th marathon in a year, very impressive but not helping my flagging confidence.
We were off, my legs were sore in the first couple of miles………this was going to be a long day!!
But, as usual the atmosphere in London and the incredible support of the crowds help me through these frequent moments of doubt. With my name on my Running shirt, whenever I was flagging, there was always shouts of encouragement from the roadside and whether I was inspired, or embarrassed for walking, I found that extra bit of energy to keep going………albeit rather slowly.
I think I may have left one lady spectator rather bemused! Around  the 21/22 mile point I felt the need for some extra fuel and noticed this lovely lady holding a banana in her hand. I stopped and asked if I could have it? Before she had time to respond I’d taken her banana, broke it in 2 and handed her half back to her whilst continuing to run I suggested it was always good to share your banana. She was last seen staring at the remaining half………fortunately her boyfriend saw the funny side of what had happened! But I send my thanks to this anonymous lady for helping me finish the run!
In spite of all the wobbles I did get to the end. I don’t think I’ve ever been so tired, both physically and mentally, than when I crossed that finish line………..and during my first phone call to Jenny, I gave her permission to shoot me if I ever mentioned another marathon!!!
It’s strange, how a lapse of 24hours can make you forget that agony……….well, part of it anyway!!
Whilst it’s doubtful that I’ll be in a hurry to try another marathon……..never say never……..if I’m still kicking around, then perhaps I’ll pencil it in for my 70th birthday treat to myself …………….haha!
Thanks to everyone, so very much appreciated.
Ian x